Artefact - L'Epée du Capitaine

This sword, who belonged to David, Guard Captain of Calebais, has the symbol of this old Covenant sculpted into the hilt, and is an invested device with three powers.

It can cast Blade of the Virulent Flame (CrIg Base 5, +1 Conc; +5 maintain concentration = Level 15), activated by holding the sword aloft as if to catch the light,.

The sword also resists physical damage and rust, maintaining its edge throughout the years (CrTe Base 5, +2 Sun; +1 two uses per day, +3 activated by sunrise and sunset = Level 19).

Finally, the sword cuts through magical defenses, taking down wards and even Parmae. Whenever the sword comes in contact with a non-ritual spell of more than Momentary duration, roll a stress die (no botch). That spell is canceled if its level is (20 + the roll) or less; Parmae are cut down if (20 + the roll) is more than (5 x Parma Magica). (PeVi Base 4, +1 Touch; unlimited +10, penetration 30 +15 = Level 30). If the ward would resist the effect, as Parma would, the sword’s power must penetrate the magic resistance.

Artefact - L'Epée du Capitaine

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