Artefact - Le Reliquaire du Démon

The object that is venerated as a reliquary is actually a powerful Hermetic device crafted to trap spirits, in particular demons.
The reliquary has been enchanted into two parts — the main reliquary that traps the demon (Ensorcell the Luciferian Spirit) and a large gemstone embedded on its front (Pious Veil of Hermetic Might) designed to suppress the demon’s powerful corruptive powers.

Ensorcell the Luciferian Spirit
ReVi 45
Pen +42, Constant Effect, R: Special, D: Sun, T: Ind
This magical device traps any one Infernal spirit within the reliquary, making it unable to move beyond the boundaries of the box. The effect is activated when the door is closed, and ended if the door is reopened.
This effect cannot draw a spirit into the reliquary. The effect must Penetrate, and thus can, normally, affect a creature with an Infernal Might of 41 or lower. However, both Magic Resistance and Penetration are affected by the local aura (ArM5, page 183); in a Divine or Magic aura, the affected Might is effectively increased by twice the aura, while in an Infernal aura it is decreased by twice the aura.
(Base 4 (by analogy with ReCo), +2 Special (based on Touch), +2 Sun; +1 2/day, +3 environmental trigger, +21 Penetration)

Pious Veil of Hermetic Might
PeVi 60
Pen +22, Constant Effect, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
This enchanted gem suppresses the supernatural powers of a single infernal creature touching it, up to level 20 (or powers from creatures with a Might score of 20 or less; see ArM5, page 191). The gem actually reaches the inside of the reliquary, through a tiny hole, thus touching the demon within.
(Base 30, +1 Touch, +2 Sun; +1 2/day, +3 environmental trigger, +11 Penetration)

Seal Evil Within
ReTe 4
Pen 0, 1/day R: Per, D: Mom, T: Ind
This effect moves the metal of the reliquary, as if worked by a metalsmith, to seal the door shut. A Perception + Finesse roll by the person using the reliquary determines how elegant the seal appears. Although the magic is momentary, the metal remains sealed after it ends. The seal must be broken by mundane means, but the magic can seal it again. It is activated by closing the reliquary’s door and closing the latch.
(Base 4)

Artefact - Le Reliquaire du Démon

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